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Melbury College

Melbury College

A partnership that includes Melrose School, Canterbury Campus, Merton Medical Education Service (MMES), Cobham Court and the Whatley Campus.


Melbury College; a partnership of Merton’s specialist education support schools and services supporting primary and secondary pupils with complex behaviour needs, Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues (SEMH) and medical issues.  Sites include Melrose School: Secondary and Primary, Canterbury Campus PRU, Merton Medical Education Service, Cobham Court and Whatley Campus.


Melbury College aims to educate the ‘whole child’ through a personalised approach to learning.  Pupils are supported, challenged, stretched and inspired in a wide range of learning opportunities through our broad, balanced and engaging curriculum.

We will transform the lives of young people by providing bespoke and specialist education of the highest standard. 

Our vision is to ensure that students who for one reason or another are finding it difficult to attend or make progress in the borough’s mainstream schools, are provided with an individualised curriculum that meets their needs and aspirations and the support that they and their family might need to help them to succeed.

In the last year there has been a wide range of expansions and growth across the Melbury provisions, to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all pupils in Merton who require our specialist support.

Both Melrose School and Canterbury Campus have been judged ‘good’ with some outstanding features by Ofsted. We want to build upon this to create a more coordinated approach across this vital sector, which delivers education to many of Merton’s most vulnerable students, the large majority of whom have struggled with aspects of the curriculum in their former schools.

In Melrose’s last Ofsted inspection, the inspector judged that: “the majority of students make progress at or occasionally above levels expected nationally in mainstream schools with the progress of pupils receiving the pupil premium being ‘outstanding’”. The inspector was also impressed by the school’s curriculum and the high expectations that the teachers have of their pupils’ progress. The work that the school does to keep students safe and secure was also judged ‘outstanding’.

Similarly in its last inspection of the Canterbury Campus (previous known as the Smart Centre), Ofsted praised the school’s approach to individualised work programmes, the work done by staff to help those students who had gaps in their learning, the school’s strong community spirit and the strong partnerships with students’ families.

This focus on partnership is a vital aspect of Melbury College’s work. We think it’s really important that we work with families and any other agencies that might be supporting them to deliver positive outcomes for our pupils.

Merton Medical Educational Services delivers education to students who cannot attend school due to medical reasons or complex mental health issues referred through CAMHS.   This service has moved into temporary accommodation in Worsfold House, next to Melrose School.   We are hoping to move into our more permanent and fit for purpose accommodation in the near future, which will be able to meet our increasing size and needs, as well as providing the highest level of support for these most vulnerable pupils. In the last year we have doubled our intake into MMES, and this continues to grow in the next year.

Melrose School has expanded over the last year to include Melrose Primary. This provision is also currently co-located in Worsfold House, next to Melrose School, while the brand new, purpose built primary school is under construction. Melrose Primary also incorporates the Primary EHCP assessment pupils previously educated at the David Nicholas site. The new build will encompass a variety of core teaching areas and also additional break-out spaces to support the needs of these challenging primary pupils. A brand new Sports Hall is also under construction, which will be shared by Melrose Secondary and Primary schools. We are hoping to move in to our new school in January 2022.

Cobham Court continues to provide a range of bespoke educational packages for KS3 and 4 pupils who do not have a school place and may have become disengaged or fallen out of traditional mainstream education. These small bespoke packages provide expert and specialist support for a small range of pupils some of whom have EHCPs. Pupils can be located on the Cobham Court site, or the David Nicholas site depending on class group. We also work closely with local settings that offer a variety of vocational and academic programmes, many of which are not available in schools. Additionally, Cobham Court continues to provide internal exclusions for Melbury College pupils.

Whatley Campus is our brand new school opening in September 2022.  This new school is an expansion of Melrose school and will cater for pupils with EHCPs with a primary need of ASD and/or SCLN.  The new school will cater for Secondary age pupils (KS3 and 4) with a small KS2 primary provision.  Pupils will be supported in small classes (maximum 10 pupils) with highly specialist teaching and support staff as well as a wide range of therapeutic interventions.  Onsite Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, CAMHS, Music Therapy and Lego Therapy will be an integral part of the provision.  Our goal is to help all pupils become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.  We will provide a supportive and nurturing environment for pupils, following a bespoke curriculum which will take account of individual learning needs.

For more information about Melbury College or any of the individual provisions, please contact Carla Chandler at: cchandler@melbury.merton.sch.uk

Carla Chandler Executive Head Teacher