Welcome from the David Nicholas Centre

The David Nicholas Assessment Centre is a short-term educational placement for pupils undergoing statutory assessment for an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), who are having difficulties coping in their mainstream environment. 

We have capacity for 5 pupils, for pupils in Year 1 to Year 5. Entry to the DNAC  is strictly via the Merton SENDIS Panel. The request for placement must be supported by the Virtual Behaviour Service.

The main focus for pupils is Social Emotional and Mental Health. We work with pupils to develop their emotional literacy and self-esteem, and re-engage them with learning. We adopt a personalised approach to each pupil, and support them in developing a toolkit of strategies for them to become increasingly more  able to manage their emotions independently. 

Our curriculum and approach is underpinned by the Nurture Group Network’s ‘6 Principles of Nurture’:

1.       Children's learning is understood developmentally

2.       The classroom offers a safe base

3.       The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing

4.       Language is a vital means of communication

5.       All behaviour is communication

6.       The importance of transition in children's lives

 To further understand children’s developmental needs, we also use the Thrive Approach:

“Thrive® promotes children’s and young people’s positive mental health by helping adults know how to be and what to do in response to their differing and sometimes distressed behaviour.”

Pupils leave the centre once the EHCP Assessment has been completed, and an appropriate long-term placement has been identified, which could be mainstream or a specialist provision.

For more information about the David Nicolas Centre contact Karen May, Lead Teacher at: kmay@melbury.merton.sch.uk

Karen May

Lead Teacher