Social Development Opportunities

We aim to enrich the learning of KS3 pupils by providing opportunities to develop socially outside of traditional subjects. On Thursday afternoons we offer a range of classes which aim to support our students to re-engage positively and enjoy being part of a school environment. Activities also support students to make healthy choices and experience success and challenges independently or as part of a collaborative group.  Activities can also contribute to the PiXL ‘Character’ development programme.

The rotation of activities offered include:

Gardening:  Students participate in the process of researching, planning, and planting a small garden in boxes and tubs. They develop patience in the growing process, nurture in the caring of plants and experience the satisfaction of harvesting plants as food.  Students are supported to learn from mistakes and work out what worked, what didn’t and why.

Boxing:  Our boxing coach supports our students with fitness, making healthy choices in life, and confidence. Students who have not boxed before or taken part in traditional PE lessons at school can thrive in these sessions.  Students are supported to challenge themselves physically whilst building trust in their peers and staff.

Beauty:  Students can work towards AQA Unit Awards in a wide range of beauty focused areas including work-space prep; health and safety; nail art; hand and nail care; basic make-up. Lessons support presentation, hygiene and positive self-awareness.  Students who have an interest in the beauty industry respond particularly well to these sessions which are popular with both male and female students.

Music:  Our music teacher not only supports students with music skills but also helps develop their sense of self through original music making and experimentation.  Students can develop their creativity and express their talents in these lessons.  Students can also work towards a Bronze or Silver level Arts Award.

Film Club:  Watching a film or documentary supports development of sustained concentration.  Students can display inattentive, hyperactive behaviours which make it difficult for them to watch a film from start to finish.  We support students to experience films which develop their cultural and social awareness, whilst also providing enjoyment and an opportunity for discussion in pairs or a group.

Board Games:  Taking turns, having patience, playing fairly and winning and losing with grace are all attributes which are developed when students play board games with each other and staff.

Healthy Eating:  Awareness of healthy foods and how to make healthy food choices supports our students to live healthy lives. The knowledge of how to store, prepare and cook foods safely and hygienically is also taught.