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Melbury College

Melbury College

A partnership that includes Melrose School, Canterbury Campus, Merton Medical Education Service (MMES), Cobham Court and the Whatley Campus.


We are delighted that two of our students’ parents, Jenna Tredwen and Wendy Young, have volunteered to begin building the Whatley Parent teacher association (PTA). They are both very excited about supporting us to build a community that extends beyond the school gates.

We are extremely grateful to them for getting started on this and hope that many other parents will want to be involved as we grow our school and its family community.

We are extremely passionate about the role we will play within the local community and with Merton families and look forward to supporting our PTA to ensure we are successful in promoting our provision and the best opportunities for students in Merton. Please find a range of information from Jenna and Wendy below.

PTA - Family Meet Up (Trampolining)

Wednesday 27th July 2022 @ Sutton Better Trampoline Park

9-10am SEN session (£8.00 per child with a free carer ticket included.  Please bring relevant documentation for eligibility.)

We are pleased to announce our first Whatley Campus family meet up date. Please use the link below to book your tickets. The children will be able to play in the small play area or grassed area after, so if you cannot make the trampoline session as this is an early booking time, please join us in the play/grass area from 10.15am for an informal get together.


More meet up dates will be added to the Newsletter and we welcome suggestions of places to meet. We are aware of the pupils age differences across Whatley Campus and that some venues may not be suitable for all. The first part of this event will be self-funded, with the second part within the grounds of the venue.

Please join our: WhatsApp group (QR code below) and/or the Facebook page -


We welcome you and look forward to meeting with you to create a group to support one another and the school.

Kind regards

Jenna and Wendy