Students in PSHE are encouraged to discover their own self-worth, to they see their huge potential and ability shine. The curriculum supports students to do this by educating them on how to live healthily, safely, productively, and responsibly as individuals and as part of a wider community.

All students have one lesson a week on topics such as relationships and sexual health; drugs and the law; careers and moving forward; morals, rights and wrongs; communication, emotions and feelings.   Students demonstrate their learning by discussing topics, debating, writing and presenting.  They also learn from external visitors such as the fire brigade, police and first aid professionals. Students also experience learning outside the classroom by going on trips and visits to local colleges.

Our curriculum is designed to directly support the pastoral education of our students as well as the academic outcomes that Canterbury Campus aims for.

Our year 11 students complete course work in AQA in PSHE and achieve a level 1 or Level 2. They have one to one support and group lessons focusing on careers, applications to college, sixth form, apprenticeships, training, and work in the future.