Rewards System

Melrose Rewards System

One important aspect of Melrose is the reward system we have in place.

We believe our students benefit from positive recognition, hence it was an obvious and natural decision for us to have in place a point’s reward system.  At the end of each week, these points are converted into a monetary value. This monetary award plays a key role in motivating our students.  Many of our students, will often purchase gifts for their family members, demonstrating their caring and thoughtful nature.

Students are also required to pay damages and fines from their accounts as a consequence for poor behaviour.

IEP Targets

Students are set four Individual Education Plan (IEP) Targets on Target Setting Day at the beginning of each term.

  Parents and carers come in with their child to look over the progress of the previous term and, with the help of information from the Boxall Profile, work with tutors to set new targets.

The Boxall Profile

The Boxall Profile is a standardised developmental assessment used by tutors to help get a precise and accurate understanding of the emotional problems behind a child’s difficult behaviour. 

It is used to identify areas of need and set well focused targets.  The profile is applied every term and can be used to track a child’s progress.

Weekly Reports

Parents and carers receive a weekly report containing: a measurement of progress on IEP targets, total points and merits received, attendance for the week and term, learning time lost and a comment by tutors.

Termly Assessments

A full assessment of progress against a child’s Statement of Educational Need and IEP Targets is made each term and sent to parents. 

These assessments also contain assessments by teachers in each subject area together with new targets for the coming term.

Jack Petchey Award Scheme

Melrose School is one of almost 2000 clubs and schools who run the Jack Petchy Achievement Award Scheme.

The scheme contributes millions of pounds each year to support youth work in London and Essex.

The Achievement Award Scheme aims to enable schools, colleges and youth organisations to recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements of their young people. Jack Petchey wants young people to raise their aspirations, believe in themselves and make a contribution to their society.

Achievement Awards are designed to recognise a wide range of achievement, it is not just about being clever, or gifted, but about putting the effort in and doing your best. The scheme works well because young people themselves are involved in nominating and selecting the winners.  Students and staff at Melrose nominate and vote each term.