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Melbury College

Melbury College

A partnership that includes Melrose School, Canterbury Campus, Merton Medical Education Service (MMES), Cobham Court and the Whatley Campus.


The aim of Physical Education within the school is to offer an inclusive and wide ranging sporting curriculum which provide opportunities for students to learn purposeful physical activities that will lead to their own physical, social, mental and emotional growth.

It is also an aim of the PE department to instil a lifelong love of sport and physical activity which will see students being physically active long after they have left Melrose School.

In Physical Education at Melrose School all pupils are taught in classes of the same year group. Each KS3 class has a maximum of three 35 minute lessons a week and KS4 has four. Depending on the activity being cover, lessons are either taught in the gym, the school playground (incorporating a basketball court), the AstroTurf or the neighboring common which is used for athletics during the summer months.

All students are taught a variety of competitive games, according to the PE National Curriculum. These include (but are not limited to); invasion (football, basketball, rugby, hockey and ultimate frisbee); striking/fielding (cricket, softball); and net/wall games (tennis, badminton, table tennis and volleyball). In addition, Athletics and Health Related Fitness are also taught each year. The Outdoor and Adventurous Activities component of the National Curriculum is fulfilled through OAA lesson in KS3 and a variety of different SDOs.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in interschool and intra school sporting fixtures at Melrose School. We have successful football and table tennis teams which regularly competes against local SEN and mainstream schools. In addition to this, we also enter students into the annual borough athletics championship. Every July the school holds its annual Sports Day at a local Athletics track. This is a whole school event where every student participates in individual and team athletic disciplines.

In Key Stage 3 students are assessed at the end of each unit of work using 1- 9 PE levels on the Doddle Learn computer software package. Students are RAG rated against the technical and tactical skills of that sport, so they have a clear understanding of what they are capable of and what they need to do to improve their performance.

In Year 9 students are entered for their Entry Level qualification for which we use the OCR exam board. For this qualification students are assessed in three different sports and also have to analyse their performance in one of their chosen sports.

When students reach Key Stage 4 they undertake the BTEC Level 1 qualification in Sport and Active Leisure. This is an entirely coursework based qualification covering units such as; How the Body Works, Taking Part in Sport and Assisting a Sports Leader in delivering a sports coaching session. In Year 10 students work towards achieving the Level 1 Award (which they need 7 credits to achieve) and in Year 11 they work towards the Level 1 Certificate (which is another 7 credits).