Maths is National Curriculum core subject, and at Melrose each student is encouraged to reach his potential in this subject.

Students follow schemes of work suitable to their age, level of ability, prior knowledge and mathematical fluency.

In mixed ability classes this sometimes means students working on different topics or the same topic at different levels.

Pupils in Years 7-9 follow a scheme of work designed to cover the basics of the subject prior to moving on to GCSE. This is adapted as appropriate to suit the learning needs of the individual students at Melrose, and a range of resources and activities are used.

Pupils in Years 10 and 11 follow a range of accredited courses from the Edexcel Examinations Board as appropriate to the needs and ability of each young person. These include the Entry Level Award in Mathematics (a qualification for those pupils who are working towards GCSE), the Foundation level GCSE covering grades 1-5, or the Higher level GCSE covering grades 4-9.

Each student will cover work from all the areas defined by the National Curriculum, for most students there will be an emphasis on the numeracy elements as this often tends to be an area highlighted in their statement of special educational needs.  The other areas are: algebra, geometry and handling data.  Students tend to work individually due to the range of ability found in the small classes, but they are also encouraged to work in pairs or small groups if this is appropriate. It is also helpful for students to explain a skill to a member of staff or another student as this can help to consolidate their knowledge.