Design Technology is a foundation subject of the National Curriculum and a creative process using human knowledge and physical resources to solve problems in a practical way.

Design Technology should enable learners to devise, plan, design and execute tasks in a range of different circumstances, beginning with closed practical tasks, and later developing investigative and research skills.

Open ended design briefs lead to the making of a product and the evaluation of outcomes and effects.

Design and Technology is currently delivered at Key Stage 3 with a focus on Resistant Materials and Graphic Products as well as some basic Electronics where students are encouraged to use practical solutions to problems through imaginative thinking. At Key Stage 4 students currently embark on the legacy GCSE in Graphic Products, this is currently set up for Year 11, whilst Year 10 are starting the new GCSE in Design and Technology. During year 10 they will embark on a number of projects aimed at increasing their skills and knowledge in preparation for the NEA (non-exam assessment) project. Learners will use a range of tools, materials, skills and techniques to explore, design and make products and systems that meet human needs.

Food Technology

Food Technology is part of Design and Technology in the National Curriculum.

At Melrose, we focus on essential skills such as: stocking your store cupboard and your fridge and freezer, knife safety, food safety and hygiene, shopping for food and planning ahead, preparing ingredients and understanding food labels. Our main aim is to educate about healthy eating and teach the pupils how to produce balanced meals, how to budget for the costs and to prepare the pupils to cook for themselves in adulthood.  We also aim to build on these essential life skills and give the students the professional skills and knowledge that they will need to begin working in the catering industry. They will work towards completing the BTEC Level 1 or Level 2 Awards in Home Cooking Skills which have been developed by Pearson in partnership with Jamie Oliver.