Art education helps to develops young people’s aesthetic understanding.

Art deals with emotional landscape and view, and aspects of a person’s ‘seen world’ in terms of inner and outer world reality, the inter relationship of size, shape, line, space, texture, shade, tone, colour and distance in a painting can reveal the reality of the self which is a key factor in child development.

Art education ranges across a wide variety of mixed media, techniques and processes and provides opportunities for personal and group expression through experimentation and practical experience. Providing a base for pupils to access key stage 3 and key stage 4 national curriculum levels. Most students participate in and pass their Edexcel GCSE Art and Design course. This enables students to acquire qualifications, self-confidence self-esteem through attainable and achievable tasks. They also have an understanding and insight into other cultures and values allowing them to develop a caring respectful and positive attitude within their own society.

Key stage 4 students are encouraged to self-assess their progress using the Assessment Objectives mark scheme. This information, together with teacher observation is used to complete the termly assessments and reports and to set targets for each student.