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Melbury College

Melbury College

A partnership that includes Melrose Secondary & Primary Schools, Canterbury Campus, Lavender Campus, Whatley Campus and Cobham Court.


Enrichment at Whatley is an opportunity for students to engage in a range of structured activities which are outside of the main school curriculum alongside a variety of peers from across the school. This provides students with a chance to develop a range of social and communication skills in an engaging activity whilst interacting with peers of a variety of ages.

The Enrichment program is developed with feedback from the students themselves and feeds into the wider school environment and development. This input helps to ensure that students have an opportunity to raise their opinions and ideas, with the entire Whatley family included and given the opportunity to be listened to.

Our Enrichment offer is broken down into four key areas: Sports, Arts, Citizenship and Hands on activities. Each of these areas build a holistic offer where students can select from a wide range of activities allowing them to develop their social and communication skills through an engaging project of their own interest. Each half term the offer changes linked to feedback from students and staff and supporting all to engage in a broader variety of activities. The current Enrichment offer can be seen below.

Each Enrichment activity consists of a project-based task which takes place over the course of the half term. A target is set along with the students at the start of the half term which they will work towards over the course of each session. This allows the students to see the development they have made and also the impact of the activity on the wider school community.






Hands on





Outdoor (KS3)

Clay Modelling


International Cuisine

KS4 gym/Indoor rowing

Brief description

Football based drills and matches.

Creating a range of models and art works using clay.

Researching environmental supports and putting these in place across the school.

Cooking a variety of foods from a range of international backgrounds.

Fitness training within the gym and training for indoor rowing activities.



Circuit training


Book club


Chess Club

Brief description

Health and fitness-based exercise activities in a circuit with short breaks.

Creating a variety of items through paper folding.

Reading a discussing a range of books and reading materials.

A variety of gardening-based activities around the school grounds.

Learning key skills and tactics in Chess.




Junk modelling

Travel training/Community walks

Science club

GCSE Options (KS4 students)

Brief description

Basketball based drills and matches.

Creating a range of artworks using recycled materials.

Walking in the local community and practicing at travelling safely.

Completing a range of science-based activities and experiments.

Students completing GCSE subjects.



KS3 Badminton

Model making

Film reviews

Educational Minecraft –

Mayor of London Challenge

KS4 Table tennis

Brief description

Badminton based drills and matches.

Creating models through following instructions in groups.

Writing and developing film reviews.

Using Minecraft to design future London – linked to the mayor of London’s challenge

Table tennis drills and matches.



KS4 Football

Graphic Design


School Newspaper

KS3 Gym/Indoor rowing

Brief description

Football based drills and matches.

Using computer technology to design artworks/posters etc.

Visiting Raynes Park library and selecting/collecting books.

Creating a Whatley newspaper.

Fitness training within the gym and training for indoor rowing activities.