The teaching of Citizenship and the curriculum will be inclusive to students of all abilities, of diverse ethnic, cultural, social, and spiritual origins and of different gender.

Students will be fully aware of ‘British Values’ that underpin the United Kingdom today.

  • Rule of Law, Tolerance of those with other faiths, Democracy, Individual liberty, and Mutual respect

Students are encouraged to develop a variety of skills including:

  • Political, economic and social awareness
  • Knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in our society today
  • Interpretation of information and data
  • Personal enquiry and opinion forming
  • Organisation and communication.
  • Active Citizen – contributing to your local community

 Citizenship will be taught through a variety of teaching and learning styles to ensure access for all students and to ensure that students are fully engaged in their learning. Teaching and learning in Citizenship seeks to ensure progression in these areas through raising student achievement.

The teaching of Citizenship seeds to stimulate the curiosity, interest and enjoyment of our students.

Students will always be treated with respect, tolerance and dignity.

Students will be encouraged to show respect, tolerance and understanding of others.