In Key Stage 3 we aim to build mathematical confidence, and we encourage students to engage with learning within a nurturing environment. Students are exposed to a variety of mathematical topics from the National Curriculum in Mathematics. Work is planned so that, within a topic, there is appropriate challenge for students of all abilities. Students who present with misconceptions and gaps in their knowledge from KS2 and KS1 are given opportunities to ensure skills are embedded at individually appropriate levels within a small class environment. If a need for intervention is identified this will also be implemented.



It is our intention that students in Key Stage 4 will take nationally recognised qualifications in mathematics. Students are entered for GCSE or Entry Level qualifications set by Edexcel, and topics taught will be determined by the specification for these as well as the ability and prior knowledge levels of the students. Within lessons, students will be exposed to the topics and skills required to meet their expected level of achievement. We also aim to help students develop the confidence and resilience to become more mathematically fluent and ready to sit the exams. We aim for students to be prepared for the next steps in their education when they leave. Opportunities to demonstrate the need for mathematical skills in the wider world will be highlighted, for example money management or calculations required for careers such as construction or decorating.