KS3:  A content-rich curriculum that covers relevant prose fiction. Student interests are also taken into account and activities developed to cater for this. Regular reading opportunities will give students a greater vocabulary, greater confidence in accessing texts and a greater understanding of varying cultures and cultural values and beliefs. Helping our students develop English language skills will support them to achieve a greater awareness for differing opinions and beliefs in our society and support our students in developing an understanding of the world around them. Relevant intervention is also put into place for students requiring extra support.


KS4:  A curriculum designed to support literacy development to equip students with relevant skills for opportunities in further education and employment. Our students will have opportunities to gain knowledge and understanding to help them contribute positively to their communities. Greater fluency in literacy skills will aid our students in gaining nationally recognized English language and literature qualifications through AQA. Our students are given the tools that will make them suitably equipped to negotiate the real world from a point of maximum advantage.


For all of our students we, as teachers, need to make sure they have:

  • The ability to decode (read) texts effectively
  • The ability to make meaning (understand)
  • To have competence in everyday literacy
  • To critically select and analyse texts


Alongside our Key Stage curriculums is an ongoing focus on developing literacy across all subjects through a programme to encourage engagement in reading, writing and spoken language.