We work in an extremely challenging educational environment.

We plan for pupils within our PRU to have high ambition and an exit route back to mainstream education, an alternate specialist  setting or into Further Education. This involves the building of trust and respect for themselves and other as well as engaging or re-engaging with education as a route to their goals. This is a task we embrace and understand that for many pupils represents a considerable challenge as in nearly all cases they have come to us due to a breakdown in their previous setting.

We offer a full range of subjects in KS3 as well as offering opportunities for social development. In KS4, we offer a full range of GCSE subjects so that a placement in a PRU enables students to complete exams that will enable advancement to Level 3 courses. We also offer vocational qualifications for pupils who are interested in taking them. Alternate setting vocational courses at local providers are also available to all pupils so that their particular needs or interests are catered for.

We also engage with PiXL using their programme developing ‘character’ so that the pupils are challenged to develop in this vital life skill area. All pupils receive CIAG to support future steps, decision making and high aspiration.

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English                                                  Maths

Science                                                       Computing

Art                                                      PE

PHSE                                                    Food Technology       

 Induction                                              Citizenship                                             

Religious Studies                                              Social Development Opportunities