The Art department strive to provide a fully inclusive curriculum, which aims to reignite joy in making artwork.  We offer a forum for students to express themselves visually and to begin to understand the world from a different perspective.

At Key Stage 3 the Art Department delivers a curriculum which ensures the sequence of lessons builds upon the basic skills, allowing pupils to grow through their learning and deepening knowledge at the relevant levels. We aim to offer a range of drawing, painting and making experiences that fulfil their sensory needs. Our intent is to re-engage students with learning.

Each year group is provided with opportunities to creatively explore and experiment with ideas, materials and new ways of working. Pupils are given opportunities to make their own independent, creative choices when developing their work with an appropriate level of challenge.

An integral part of our curriculum across all key stages is for pupils to develop their knowledge and ability to explore and analyse artwork from different cultures and contexts, and use this information to inform and inspire their own creative journey of ideas and outcomes.

At Key Stage 4 we carefully plan and deliver a curriculum that enable pupils to build upon technical, research and creative skills.  We aim to familiarize students with the assessment structure for GCSE and to demystify the process of grading.

Pupils are encouraged to make their own informed choices regarding artist influences, choice of media and development of ideas. As they reach year 11 we aim for our pupils to take greater ownership of their creative journey in order to generate more personal, innovative and meaningful visual responses. Pupils are encouraged to believe in striving to do their best, the process of reviewing and refining their work is an explicit part of their growth at this level.